Organizing: Laundry Symbols


I am sure we have all done our fair share of laundry. I know I have! But have you ever actually looked at the laundry tags or care instructions and felt like you were reading a foreign language? Yes, I have. Actually, Monday afternoon when my son came home from school with colored pen all over his clothes… I really felt like I didn’t know what I was doing when it came to laundry, specifically because I was not sure what each symbol meant. Well, have no fear… I found the solution! Here is a visual of what each symbol looks like and what each one means.

I hope everyone finds this as helpful as I did and I hope that everyone has an amazing Thursday!


Organizing: The Fridge

One of my least favorite places to organize, the fridge. But when it is untidy, the fridge can become an absolute nightmare!

Here is a great idea for organizing your fridge from one of my favorite shops, The Occasional Wife. Check out their Facebook page for more ideas and inspiration for organizing your home.

Happy Tuesday everyone!