Decor: Antique Finds

I’m back! Gosh, it has been an absolutely crazy and hectic couple of weeks… full work weeks, school performances to attend, friends in and out-of-town, lots of gardening and planting, several weddings and parties for those too… I still have a couple of crazy weeks ahead, but I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Summer is almost here and I am SO ready for it!

In all the craziness that has been my life recently, I found an hour to myself and stopped by the local antique store (and for the first time actually had my camera with me!). Going to the antique store has always been therapeutic for me, it’s not about purchasing anything, it’s just looking and reading the tags about where and when the items were made that makes me happy! It’s always interesting to find an item that’s over 100 years old, that still looks amazing! I thought readers would enjoy getting a glimpse at what’s out there and what I have done lately! I’m curious to hear which piece is everyone’s favorite? My personal favorite was the Art Nouveau piece (I lived in Paris for a time and the architecture on my street was very Art Nouveau inspired, so that is what the piece reminds me of).

I hope everyone has been well since my last post and I promise not to go so long till my next one! I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday! Until next time!


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Decor: The Industrial Table

{Source: Beth Rosenfield Design}

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that it has been a fantastic week for all my readers! I have noticed recently that one of my favorite room additions is an industrial style table. Personally, I wish I could fully embrace a totally industrial style room in my home, but c’est la vie, it would look totally out-of-place in my home which is a very traditional. However, adding a touch of the industrial style, as in an accent table, to a room is never a bad idea! That’s why I loved the living room design by Beth Rosenfield Design. The room incorporates the industrial style but still feels very warm and inviting.

These are the industrial tables that I found this week that I thought would work well in any home, if you were looking to add a touch of the industrial style to your own home.

{French Industrial Coffee Table}

{Metal and Wood Coffee Table}

{Handmade Scrap Metal and Wood Industrial Style Table}

{Industrial Rolling Side Table}

{Salvaged Wood Console}

{Aiden 3-Shelf Console}

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Color: Yellow

{1. Corrigan Chair, Dark Yellow Linen 2. Pair of Yellow Ceramic Table Lamps 3. Sun Kissed Yellow 4. Yellow Three Panel Screen 5. Lacquered Yellow Boxes 6. 1930’s Danish Sofa 7. Lemon Drop Lidded Jar}

I know yellow is not the ‘in’ color right now, but it is always a nice addition to any room in the house. Here are a couple of yellow items that would look great and add a wonderful pop to your home.

Happy Wednesday!

Decor: Blue Rugs

{1. Labyrinth Blue Rug/2. Blue Lace Rug/3. Coral Chenille Border Sisal Rug/4. Navy Deco Frame Rug/5. Handmade Heritage Mahal Blue & Gold Wool Rug/6. Printed Coral Rug} Related articles How to Choose a Rug Pattern (

Decor: Modern Living Room

I am sure that most people have already come across and love the image of this wonderful living room on pinterest. I was so in love with this room that I decided to put together a design board for everyone. … Continue reading